Add Contacts to your Contacts Folder

Save contacts to your personal Contacts folder so you can easily find them and follow up as necessary. Do this straight from your Chats or from a Business Page.

To save a contact through Chats:

  • Go to your Chats.
  • Open the chat with a contact that you want to add.
  • Tap + on the right of the contact's name. The + will be changed into Info, indicating that you have successfully added this contact to your Contacts list.


To save a contact through a Business Page:

  • Find the business you are interested in and open it.
  • Tap Contacts. The list of individual and group contacts will open.
  • Start typing the name of the contact in the Search field or just scroll and choose the contact from the list.
  • Tap in the contact field. The Contact info will open.
  • Tap Add this contact to Contacts.