Make sure there is always someone available to answer your customers' questions. Select a default backup manager to forward cases to or to create group chats with when a team member is away.

To manage the Backup settings:

  1. Go to the Pigeon's sidebar menu on the left and click Settings.

  2. Click Backup to open the Backup settings in the main window.

  3. Make sure that the Backup settings toggle is switched on.

      • You must first turn on Away Messages in your settings before Backup settings can be enabled
  4. Go to Backup manager and click +Add default backup manager. The pop-up window with a list of your team members will open.

  5. Click next to the contact you want to set as a default backup manager.

      • Only one contact can be chosen at this stage. The default backup manager will be the Backup for everyone in your organization IF there is not another person assigned to that contact. To assign a unique Backup contact for a specific contact, go to that Contact's Profile in your Directory.
  6. Click +Add selected to save your choice. The selected backup manager contact will appear in the Backup settings main window.

  7. Click Remove if you want to delete the existing backup manager and add another one.

  8. Select which Backup rule to follow.

Understanding the Backup rules:

Any user can switch their working status to "Active" or "Absent" in their profile. If a customer writes to an associate when his/her working status is "Absent," the customer will receive the away notification and has the option to either wait for the associate to return OR continue with the Backup. If they select to continue, then the Backup rule will be applied. 

Under the Backup rules in the Backup settings, Admins can choose between the following rules:

  • Automatically forward cases to the backup manager. If the customer writes when the associate's working status is "Absent", the case is forwarded to the backup contact or default backup manager.
  • Automatically create group chats with the backup manager. If the customer writes when the associate's working status is "Absent", a group chat for three (the customer, the associate, and the backup) is created.