Block or Unblock a Contact

You can block individual contacts if you don't want to receive messages from them. 

To block a contact:

  1. Go to your Chats.
  2. Open the chat with the contact that you want to block.
  3. Tap in the upper-right corner to open the Chat info.
  4. Tap Block contact. The pop-up confirmation will open.
  5. Choose Block contact.


The blocked contact will appear in the Block list of My Profile.

You can easily undo this action.

To unblock a contact:

  1. Open My Profile.
  2. Tap Privacy and Security.
  3. Tap Block list. The list of users that you have blocked will open.
  4. Choose the contact you want to unblock and swipe it left to see Unblock.
  5. Tap Unblock under the pop-up confirm.

The contact will be removed from your Block list and added to your Contacts again.