Business Management

The Business section includes important features to manage your business. You can view and edit your company's profile, manage the list of users (both team members and customers), set up and change the users' roles and more.

When you add a user to your Pigeon Business team, the user receives an email invitation. The user is not added to your business until the link in the email is clicked and the invitation is accepted. The invitation is pending until the user accepts it, an admin revokes it, or it expires.

There are two main roles in Pigeon: an Admin or an Associate. Each serving a different purpose.

  • Admins have access to all the main features in Pigeon as well as the ability to oversee what's happening in the organization. They can create new users, change their settings, access Reports, and Archives, as well as chat with customers
  • Associates have access to basic business features. They can change their profile settings and use Pigeon primarily to communicate with customers and collaborate internally

By using Pigeon platform, your customers can easily contact your business, receive real-time support, and access services. Invite new customers, change their statuses, and stay informed about main changes through the Business page.