Contacts vs. Directory vs. Shared Contacts vs. My Contacts vs. Shared

Why are there so many different types of contacts?

Pigeon was created to make customer service easier, smarter and unified for everyone - businesses and customers alike. At its simplest, Pigeon is a tool that helps businesses and customers communicate...but for great customer service, you can't just communicate with each other. Business teams need to be able to communicate internally, across departments and sometimes with other business partners and affiliates. Pigeon makes all of that possible, and helps you stay organized by grouping different types of contacts. 

If you're an Associate user level, your Contacts folder will include three (3) sections: My Contacts, Directory and Shared. Admins logged into the Web Portal will have those, as well as Customers and Partnerships.

Here is an example of what you'll see depending on your user level and device:

.Pigeon Business App (same for Admins and Associates):

Pigeon Business app contacts section

Pigeon Business Web (Associates):

Pigeon Business Web Contact section for Associates

Pigeon Business Web (Admins):

Pigeon Business Web Contact section for Associates

What's the difference?

The Directory in Pigeon is your organization's service team structure. It includes individual contacts, group contacts as well as departments and sub-departments. Admins can also edit the Directory to control which contacts are visible to customers and which are hidden, or only visible to the internal team 

Keep in mind that every user must have an active account before they can be added as a contact to communicate with customers.

Admins have a section for Customer contacts. This section includes all customers that have interacted with your business in Pigeon. It also goes a level deeper to show you Opt-in, or customers who have granted permission for the business to initiate contact with them, and All, which includes opted in customers as well as customers that have revoked access.

For Admins, there is also a setting that allows you to automatically share your customers with the rest of your organization. 


My contacts are specific to each user. Think of it like your personal address book. These are external contacts that you have chosen to save. My contacts is especially helpful if your business interacts with a lot of customers or affiliates; My contacts could be the ones that you most frequently interact with.

Shared includes any contact that has been shared with you by another user.