Create a Department

Improve your company's profile and organization by creating a directory with departments.

To create a new department:

  1. Go to Contacts and click Directory to open the Directory structure
  2. Click +Add Department in the top right corner of the main Directory dashboard. The Add Department to Directory window will appear
  3. Type in the name of your new department
  4. Use the toggles to set the rules for the department. If you wish to add contacts at this time, review steps 5-9. If you do not wish to add contacts, skip directly to 9
  5. Switch on Include contacts toggle
  6. Click +Add Contacts to Department. The new window with a list of contacts from your Directory will appear
  7. Click ➕ next to the contacts you want to add to this department and click Continue
  8. The number of contacts you are adding to the department will be displayed next to Contacts added line. Click View to double-check the list of these contacts
  9. Click Create Department. The new department will appear in your Directory

See also how to Delete a Department or how to Add or Delete Contacts of an Existing Department.