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Forward a Chat or Case

You can forward a whole chat - or case - from your External inbox to another team member.

To send the chat to another person:

  1. Go to your Chat page
  2. Open External inbox and click the chat you want to forward
  3. Click Chat info icon in the top right corner of the chat's main dashboard. The Chat information window will appear on the right
  4. Scroll to Forward Case option and click the arrow icon next to it. The new window will appear
  5. Start typing the name of the person in the Search field or simply scroll and choose the contact from your list
  6. Click ➕ button next to the person's name. The ✔ will appear
  7. Click Forward case

It is also possible to just forward (a) specific message(s) instead of the whole chat. To learn more, review the Forward Message guide.