My Contacts

Every external contact you added to your contact list can be viewed through My contacts.

To see the contact's information through My contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Choose My contacts and click it to open
  3. Start typing the name of the person in the Search field or just scroll and choose the contact from your list
  4. Click the contact's field. The Contact information window will open

The following information will be displayed in the Contact information.

  • Customer's profile picture, name and ID (1)
  • Customer's status (online/offline) (2)
  • Send message (3) can be used when you want to start chatting directly from My Contacts
  • Schedule an Appointment (4) allows you to set an appointment
  • Share contact (5) is helpful when you need to copy the customer's profile link to the clipboard. After clicking it, paste the link where you need it
  • Report (7*) is useful when you want to report a user for harassment or inappropriate behavior
  • Remove from Personal (7) enables you to delete the contact from your My Contacts
  • General information (8) shows the customer's Private information (11) and Permissions (12). The information is displayed if customer allows it through personal profile settings
  • Notes (9) allows you to save needed information about the customer and your conversations. You can edit your Notes and add new information
  • Statistics (10*) show's the customer's statistic

*Report and Statics are not available with Version 1 of the Platform.