Pigeon Business Glossary

This glossary includes explanations about certain terminology used in Pigeon Business.

Types of Contacts

  • The Directory in Pigeon is your organization's service team structure. It includes individual contacts, group contacts as well as departments and sub-departments. Admins can also edit the Directory to control which contacts are visible to customers and which are hidden - or only visible to the internal team. Keep in mind that every user must have an active account before they can be added as a contact to communicate with customers.
  • Admins have a section for Customer contacts. This section includes all customers that have interacted with your business in Pigeon. It also goes a level deeper to show you Opt-in, or customers who have granted permission for the business to initiate contact with them, and All, which includes opted in customers as well as customers that have revoked access.
    • For Admins, there is also a setting that allows you to automatically share your customers with the rest of your organization. 


If there are any terms that you are not sure about and you can't find here, feel free to reach out by submitting a request with the Support Widget or emailing support@getpigeon.com.