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Pin a Message to Case Notes

You can add chat messages to Case notes for easy reference by pinning them. Pinned messages are accessible to all case readers.

To pin a message to Case notes:

  1. Go to your Chat Page
  2. Open the chat that includes the message you want to add to Case notes
  3. Choose the message and click the three dots icon next to it
  4. Click Pin note in an opened drop-down menu. A popup window with Note has been created information will appear

The pinned message will appear in the Case notes window.

To reply a pinned message in Case notes:

  1. Choose a pinned message in Case notes and click on it. A Replies window will open
  2. Type your reply in the Answer section and click Send

The reply will appear in a Replies window.
All replies stay in the case notes and are accessible to all case readers.