User Profile Overview

Every user of the Pigeon platform has a profile that can be easily customized. All profile settings are specific for every single user and should be set individually. They can be edited at any time.

Your name and email address cannot be edited. If you need to change either of those, please contact Pigeon support.

  • Go to the Pigeon's sidebar menu on the left and click Profile (the left bottom corner).
  • Click Overview to find the main settings and features of the user's profile.
  1. Profile picture helps your customers and colleagues to identify you.
  2. Full name displays your name and surname.
  3. Job title shows your position or speciality.
  4. Profile action buttons, including: Share Profile, Edit Profile, and Log out options
  5. General contains your Private information (9) and Notifications settings (10).
  6. Working status section enables you to Change working status and Set up Away messages.
  7. Assignments display the contacts to which you are assigned. You can View Assignments whenever you need to.
  8. Permissions section helps to manage your Video Settings and Appointments settings .
  9. Private information includes your email, position, and phone number. To make changes in your profile information click Edit (4) and follow the steps in Edit Profile.
  10. Notifications section allows you to mute the conversations if needed.
  11. Reviews section displays your overall rating and total reviews. The customer can leave the review only when the case is closed.