View Internal Directory Contacts

Your directory is your internal team contacts and structure

Your directory is your internal team contacts and structure. Each team member must first be added as a user under the Business Management section before you can create a contact for them.

Every member of your team has general contact information that can be viewed through the Directory.

The Directory folder's main window is divided into 2 subfolders: Contacts and Group contacts.

  • The Contacts folder includes the list of the individual contacts of your team members
  • The Group contacts folder includes the list of created group and department contacts

You can easily open and close these subfolders by clicking the arrow icons on the right.

To see the contact's information:

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Choose Directory and click it to open
  3. Start typing the name of the contact in the Search field or just scroll and choose the contact from your list
  4. Click the contact's field. The Contact information window will open

If you wish to view your customer contacts, see View Customer Contacts' Information.